The spring art show: the good, bad & puzzling

March 3, 2013

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Liljevalch's cafe is surrounded by art.


As you can see, the show has a lot of different types of art.

In the video room, a group of mostly 10-year-old boys surrounded one of the screens. When I finally made my way up within viewing distance, I could see why. Two young women were naked from the waist down and let’s just say they were manipulating body parts in such a way that demanded attention. It was an interesting addition to a gallery show where my artist friend Debora and I had already asked each other several times, “OK, but is this art?”

On Friday afternoon, Debora and I met up at Liljevalchs to check out Vårsalongen or the Spring Salon.

The Spring Salon is a juried exhibition and there’s always a diverse array of  art in the show. This year was no exception and there were lots of paintings and drawings, as well as sculptures, photos and videos. Any time you have such a wide variety, I suppose you will find both good and bad art. So some things I was impressed by, some not so much. And there were other works of art where I just thought: painful!

Even so, it was good to be out and surrounded by art. By the way, Liljevalchs is a contemporary art gallery that’s located on the island of Djurgarden.


Debora at the exhibition.


Yet another view of the show.



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