Kangaroo Crossing


Into the Wild, July/August 2008, Scanorama Magazine
The peaceful lions are just about to kill a buffalo for dinner. The not-so-fearful editor in the Land Rover is just about to witness the slaughter. Sandra Carpenter is a hair’s-breadth away from being an involuntary part of the action.

Swimming With Sharks… And Turtles, Too, February 2008, Scanorama Magazine
The sea and its many creatures come in vibrant Technicolor hues, and dangerous thrills seem to lurk just around every corner. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is home to a spectacular array of coral, fish, turtles, rays, and sharks. Sandra Carpenter dives down under to Heron Island to experience nature in all its glory and splendor.

Mons Klint, December 2007, Scanorama Magazine
Breathtakingly beautiful, they are Denmark’s answer to the white cliffs of Dover. Big chunks of the chalk do crash down into the sea after heavy rains. But Mons Klint is still a great place to relax, and if you’re lucky, find a rare dinosaur fossil.

The Wild Side of the Land, October 2007, Scanorama Magazine
Not quite European, not quite American, Iceland is its own unique mixture of extremes, from the landscape, to the people, to the light. Sandra Carpenter travels to this weirdly intoxicating volcanic island near the Arctic Circle to discover the makeup of this unique paradise.

Going Outback, July/August 2007, Scanorama Magazine
It’s a land of extremes: blinding heat, creeks with no water, thousands of flies and a rugged and often otherworldly landscape. But there is also an immensely beautiful nothingness. Sandra Carpenter travels into the heart of Australia to discover the true character of the remote outback.


Portraits of Life, December 2006, The Pastel Journal
To capture that elusive something that makes each person different, you have to spend time getting to know your model. Judith Carducci and Naomi Campbell share how they get to the heart of their subjects to create portraits with feeling.

Brilliance in Water-Based Media, January 2006, The Artist’s Magazine
Stephen Quiller tells Sandra Carpenter that he paints in the studio and on location to capture the dramatic nature of his local scenery in watercolour and gouache.

Sunlight & Olive Oil, September 2005, The Artist’s Magazine
Mixing in the most basic of ingredients Italian artist Raimondo Roberti captures the light and character of his homeland.


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