Chocolate truffles & pigs in a blanket: a surprising dinner combo in Stockholm

March 2, 2013

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stockholm restaurants

The chocolate truffles/table decorations at GQ were so good that I had two.

stockholm restaurants

Mini sausages in bread rolls.

Chocolate truffles on sticks were the finale to dinner at GQ Grossmann’s on Friday night. And I have to say, they made for  a pretty good ending.

It was a girl’s night out to celebrate Annelie’s birthday. We started with champagne, then were given an amusebouche of mini sausages–or as I happily announced for the benefit of the other two Americans there: gourmet pigs in a blanket. For a starter, I had oxtail ravioli with duck liver sauce. Tasty.

My main course was Grossmann’s Boeuf Bourguignon and I was happy with it too. As I was with the other extras: the bread basket featured rather addictive hard breads and mini rolls. And just before the chocolate, we were given palate cleansing lemon sorbet in miniature cones.

The menu, while classic in many ways, was also creative. Chocolates on sticks and pigs in a blanket were definitely not what I would have expected. Find out more about GQ/Grossmann’s.

stockholm restauants

The birthday celebrators.

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