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September 27, 2015

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Slussen Kolingsborg has been decorated over the summer with street art. Click on the photo to view the scene without obstruction.


Over the summer, a group of top artists from the Stockholm graffiti art scene were asked to be part of a project to paint a building as part of a farewell to an area that will soon be torn down. Bit by bit, the design emerged on the sides and top of the round building known as Kolingsborg. It was an art installation that I–and the rest of the city– watched in progress.

The renovation of the area known as Slussen has been discussed for years and hotly protested. But plans have finally been approved.  The demolition and renovation process is expected to be complete in 2022.

Today, we took the time to go up close to the building to check out the graffiti. From a distance, the art looks colorful and chaotic. But up close, the building has a collection of faces. It’s fun, whimsical and some very creative executed street art. And like most street art, it is temporary.

To see a short video of the art in progress, check out this link.


Slussen A wreath of roses. All photos copyright Sandra Carpenter 2015.


Slussen Pink and green eyes.


Slussen Green eyes.


Slussen Two tone glasses.


Slussen Angel wings.


Slussen The smoker.


Slussen Blue lips.

signature wall



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