Searching for happiness in Denmark

September 1, 2015

in Travels


Aarhus, Denmark There’s a rainbow on top of the art museum in Aarhus.



SAS The Good Issue from Scandinavian Traveler is available on SAS planes now.


Aarhus Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue.


Recently,  I was given one of the most fun writing assignments I’ve had in quite a while. My mission: to find happiness.  The premise behind all this was that Denmark is supposedly one of the happiest places on earth. So Scandinavian Traveler, the in-flight magazine for Scandinavian Airlines, sent me there to find out whether it lived up to the hype.

I had a fantastic time.

But of course you want to know if I found happiness. Well, read the article on the plane during the month of September. Or  check out the on-line version by clicking on this link.


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