Divided by three: The highs & lows of expat living

August 20, 2014

in Living abroad

Stockholm Celebrating my birthday on a boat in Stockholm.


Stockholm On deck: A champagne toast.


Stockholm More houseboat posing.


The thing with living in one country, being from another and having a husband from yet another one is that I always feel a bit divided. When I was in the US this summer, I was missing the long days of Swedish summer. When I am in Sweden in the winter, I absolutely crave time in Australia. Of course I always miss the family and friends who are not where I am. And so it goes.

All that said, I also feel extremely lucky to have three countries in the world where I feel at home. So while I was not able to have one big birthday party with family and friends all in one place, I did get to have a fantastic Mexican buffet dinner party in my parent’s backyard in Cincinnati with some of my family and friends. And Robert hosted an Italian dinner party for me on a houseboat in Stockholm. And having those two events feels pretty special.

In fact, I feel blessed beyond measure.

Cincinnati And here is a big group shot from the Cincinnati party.


Cincinnati My niece demonstrates a jump for joy.

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