Walking the bridges of Cincinnati

August 11, 2014

in Cincinnati: my hometown

Ohio River The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge as seen from Cincinnati.


Cincinnati The Purple People Bridge as seen from Kentucky.


As long as I lived in Cincinnati, I never walked across one of the Ohio River bridges. Until now. With my nieces and nephews on a fun day to the Newport Aquarium recently, we decided we would take a bridge walk. From the aquarium, we walked across the Purple People Bridge back to Cincinnati.

After a stop to run through the fountains at Yeatman’s Cove and the Serpentine Wall, we then walked across the John A. Roebling¬†Suspension Bridge. ¬†This bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1866 and later served as a blueprint for the Brooklyn Bridge. To get back to the car, we took the trolley back to Cincinnati and then to Newport again. Then I drove us all home again across yet another bridge. It was a very “bridgey” day.

Ohio River My nieces and nephews strike a pose on the Purple People Bridge.


Ohio River John Roebling designed this bridge and then later created the even longer Brooklyn Bridge.


Ohio River The Cincinnati skyline.


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