Stockholm City at night

May 11, 2014

in Living in Sweden,Stockholm

Stockholm The view from Södermalm looking toward the old town.


In walking from Södermalm– the island I live on– to Gamla Stan the other day, I took this photo. I loved the patterns the clouds made in the sky. And the time? It was sunset. Officially right now, that’s 9.05 pm. But the light lingers in the sky much later than that. And sunrise is at 4.24 am.

The night is not so long these days.

And that’s one of the many things I love about living so far north. How north are we? Think where Alaska is, my American friends. That’s the part of the world I inhabit.

What am I not liking about living in the north right now? The weather. It feels like it has been gray and chilly for weeks. In skyping with my mom earlier for mother’s day, she mentioned it was 80 degrees f (26 degrees c) in my hometown of Cincinnati. I could barely control my jealousy. The high temperature here today? It was 9 degrees c (48.2). Stupid weather.


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