Summer hours in Stockholm

May 20, 2014

in Living in Sweden,Stockholm

Stockholm Sunset across the Baltic Sea, as seen from Marilyn’s apartment.


Walking home tonight at 10.30, there was still a beautiful pink light in the sky. As the night sky turned to an increasingly deeper shade of blue, the pinks became even more intense.

These days, I just can’t get enough of the light. I feel so lucky to be a part of it. It’s that crazy, magical time of year when everything seems possible thanks to the long hours of daylight. Stockholm is at its most buzzy and it always feels like every single social engagement is packed into the next few weeks. (I almost forgot about a book talk by Donna Tartt that I had tickets for on Sunday. Luckily, I remembered about one hour before it began.)

There are so many cool, fun things going on around town that I could be double or triple-booked on any given night. And then bam! Come July, things go quiet. Funny how that works.

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