Springing around Stockholm

April 21, 2014

in Stockholm,Stockholm holidays

Stockholm A box full of pansies.


Stockholm Not quite ready to bloom.


Spring in Stockholm does not get much better than what it was here today. Combine that with the long Easter holiday weekend and I can definitely say that life is good. To take advantage of the weather and the day off, we had a picnic lunch in our local park Skinnarbacken today. We kept it simple: wine, cheese, salami, olives, tomatoes. Oh, and there were yummy chocolate chip cookies for dessert. (I made them for some friends and kept a few for us.)

This town always clears out for a holiday weekend and this one was no exception. But there were still a good number of people in the park today also having picnics, as well as BBQs, and sleeping, reading and playing guitar. The weather was just too good to resist–sunny again and warmish.

I meant to take photos in the park, but somehow got distracted. Instead, the photos here are from Mälarpaviljongen– a floating restaurant/bar on Kungsholmen. I met some friends there yesterday afternoon and couldn’t resist looking around the small garden store that’s also on the boat. The place was just bursting with spring.


Stockholm A bowl of lemons, with the lake in the background.


Stockholm Hanging pots.


Stockholm Flowers for sale.


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