Ready to bloom

April 18, 2013

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Boxes of red hyacinth remind me that spring will come to Stockholm.

When walking by Mälarpaviljongen on Kungsholmen recently, I saw gardeners planting bulbs in wooden crates. I loved how the bulbs looked in the burlap-lined crates. It felt like such a portent of the spring to come. So far, I’ve only seen crocus blooming. The grass is still brown and trees aren’t budding yet. But, I have not worn my winter coat for the last two days. That has not happened since October. It was such a great feeling. Even though it did rain most all day and I was kind of cold in my spring jacket.

Perhaps the surest sign that spring is on the way? All the gravel on the sidewalks on my street have been cleaned of the gravel. No more dirty boots and gravel in the house. Love that!


And purple blooms too.


Tulips. All photos © copyright Sandra Carpenter 2013.

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