Art gallery in the archipelago = a dream of a combination

April 14, 2013

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paul gernes  cosima von bonin

Sculptures by Cosima von Buren sit in front of paintings by Paul Gernes at Artipelag.


And here Cosima's mushrooms sit in front of more of Paul's paintings.

I’d been wanting to get to Artipelag since it first opened almost a year ago, but somehow never found the time. At the end of March, Robert and I finally went. We wanted to take the boat from town, but as the jetty by the gallery was still frozen in, that wasn’t an option. So instead we took the bus to the musuem, which is just outside of town in Hålludden and right on the water overlooking Baggensfjärden.


More of Gernes' art in the front lobby.


I couldn't resist doing a little reflection photo.

artipelag stockholm

The first floor cafe at Artipelag.

The name Artipelag was created as a combination of art, activities and archipelago. I love the idea of that. The building is amazing and takes full advantage of the views over the pines, rocks and water. There’s a boardwalk trail you can take just outside the back of the museum that goes through the woods to the water. And there are several outdoor spaces to hang out, including a rooftop terrace. Since everything was still frozen solid when we were there on March 29, we walked out on the ice.


A walk on the ice.


This buckle in the ice was so beautiful, but it made me nervous as well.


This will be a great spot to have lunch and a glass of wine.


Many of the pieces in the museum, such as the vase here, are available for sale in the gift shop.

Like MONA in Australia, I like the concept of putting art in a natural setting and then being able to get to it via boat or car. But unlike MONA, Artipelag does not have a permanent collection–it’s a gallery space. So while the space is huge and could handle a lot of art, it feels a bit empty. That said, wow. It’s definitely worth taking the boat out and spending an afternoon there both inside and out. I’m thinking that when warm weather comes, sitting outside the gallery will be a perfect spot to have a glass of wine.


Just outside of Artipelag.

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