Postcard from Portugal: photo highlights of Lisbon

June 20, 2013

in Lisbon,Portugal


Cobblestone back streets of Lisbon.

lisbon tile

Typical painted tiles: full of character.


The elevator to the Barrio Alto.


Quiosque de refresco: espresso bar.

I’d been to Lisbon once before, but that was way back in 1996. My biggest memories were of the painted tiles on the buildings, slick cobblestone streets, the castle of São Jorge, the elevator linking to the Barrio Alto and the steep streets there. I remember how good the port was and being surprised at having fried eggs top all sorts of meals, from spaghetti bolognese to a hamburger. Overall, I had really fond memories of my time in Portugal. So I was curious to see how Lisbon was the second time around.

With its situation on the Atlantic, Lisbon has a good location. It’s got beautiful old buildings, charming streets, great character, good food and wine.  And I am happy to say that I loved it even more this time around. I’ve included a few photo highlights here.


Lisbon rooftops with a view toward the Atlantic.


More painted tiles.


The castle of São Jorge.


Selling handmade cheese at a street market.


Festival singers.


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