Obama in Stockholm

September 4, 2013

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Stockholm Look closely and you can see President Obama’s smile behind the window of his limo. This photo and the next three are by Robert Corkery. Stockholm Just a few of the police that were all around us as we waited to see the President. Stockholm The police helicopter scanning the scene.


OK, I admit it. I was kinda excited to have President Obama in Stockholm today. I was at work, getting stuff done. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking, wow, the President is in town. It was the first time ever that a sitting president of the US was in Stockholm. To me, it didn’t matter whether democrat or republican, it was just cool to have the US president in town. Plus there were street and subway closures and police with sniffer dogs at Central Station. I was curious to see all the fanfare.

So when Robert suggested that I come to KTH, the university where he has an office and Obama was visiting, I felt like I had to go. What with all the police on foot, in vans and on motorcycles, all the secret service agents and the people around watching too, it was exciting. There was the motorcade, just like you see it on TV, right in front of me. Many of the cars had US government and Washington DC plates. Helicopters were hovering overhead.

And when the motorcade went past us, so close that I could have touched the limo if I dared, I was thrilled. I did not bother to take a photo. I just enjoyed the moment and waved. And I got a wave back.  It felt like I was living history.

Then on his way back out of the library where he visited, Obama was on my side of the street. And he was right there. So.Close. I could see his huge smile. He gave a big wave. And all around me, I could hear people cheering. It felt so good to be an American in Stockholm and seeing the President.

Stockholm Jodi and I strike a pose from our on-the-street view. Stockholm and Obama I liked how the President’s car had both the US and Swedish flags.


Obama in Stockholm The official police badge for the visit.


Stockholm One of the many Swedish police surrounding us. Check out the mini US flag someone had in the crowd.

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