Long weekend in Brussels and Amsterdam

November 16, 2014

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amsterdam Autumn canal in Amsterdam.


Rijksmuseum The crowd in front of Rembrandt’s Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum.


Amsterdam A sunny day at Amsterdam’s Central Station.


Last weekend, I flew to Amsterdam to meet up with Robert as he had been there all week for work. So we spent time hanging out there and in Brussels. We’ve been to both cities several times before, so we did not feel the need to do any sightseeing except go to the Rijksmuseum again. (Seeing all the Rembrandts and Vermeers never gets old for me. ) Instead, we walked the canals of Amsterdam, stayed with friends in Brussels and wandered the markets and ate good food in both cities.

It was perfect.

We came back to Stockholm on Tuesday, but it felt like we were gone much longer.  After the move and working to get unpacked and settled, it was good to be forced to take it easy with no bigger worry than deciding where to go for dinner. Plus, it was sunny, the days were much longer and it was warmer than Stockholm.

See what I mean about it being just the right thing to do?


Amsterdam Shoes that look good enough to eat. And you can. These pumps from Jordino in Amsterdam are chocolate. How good is that?


Amsterdam Somehow, this herring stand made me feel right at home–herring is so Stockholm!


Amsterdam For years now, we’ve talked about how good it would be to live in Amsterdam. I love the canals, the art, the culture, and food.

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