Enjoying a long lunch at a Brussels favorite

November 23, 2014

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Brussels By the time we left Brasseries Georges, it had gotten dark.


Brasseries Georges Inside the brasserie.


Visiting some friends in Brussels recently, they took us to one of their long-time favorite restaurants: Brasseries Georges. It’s a French brasserie in Brussels specializing in fresh oysters, shellfish and seafood. We spent hours there on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the spectacle, the wine and the food.

And it was definitely a spectacle. When we arrived, cars were parked on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and double parked on the street. Inside it was absolutely packed, loud and raucous. Diners at the next table chatted with us. The lights were turned out to present a sparkling cake to a staff member and everyone clapped. It was chaotic in a good way.

Gradually, it started to quiet down in the late afternoon and we took our time with eating the gigantic seafood platter. I don’t think I fully realized just how loud it was until things slowed down. And then it was nice to be able to relax over a cup of tea and a decadently delicious Moelleux met chocolate, a molten chocolate cake that made for a perfect end to the meal.


Brussels One of the chefs preparing the seafood outside on the front patio of the restaurant.


Brussels Oysters as a starter.


Brussels The seafood platter.


Brussels Wine, anyone?

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