Just like that, it’s autumn: Postcard from Stockholm

October 2, 2014

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Humlegarden There are still a lot of green leaves on the trees, but more and more are on the ground.


Stockholm The royal motorboat club.


Stockholm At Rosendals while it was still summer in mid September.


The change to autumn happened quickly. It always does in Stockholm.

Almost three weeks ago, it was sunny and warm. Then the next day it rained all day long and we landed squarely into autumn. And that is exactly where the weather has stayed. While I do love the change of season, I’ve never gotten used to how rapidly it switches when you live this far north.

That said, we have had some amazingly beautiful autumn weather. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Stockholm Rosendals garden. This year’s theme: colorful diversity.


Stockholm Flower garden at Rosendals.


Stockholm Rosehips.


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