The Nordic art fair and how I got a bit of my mojo back

February 17, 2013

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At the Market Art Fair.

market art fair

The Wetterling Gallery space.

The everyday gray weather of Stockholm has been making me want to spend a lot of time at home. I’ve been getting my pajamas on by 9 and watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey. Which is all nice and comfy, but it has not been very inspiring in terms of my creativity. But yesterday we got out to the Market Art Fair at the Royal Swedish Academy of the Fine Arts.

Walking in, I was hit by the smell of art. Literally. It  took me back to the drawing and painting classes I took for years at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. And it made me want to get out my charcoal sticks and drawing pad and start sketching. It felt good. Especially since even though there was a long line to get in, the fair did not generally feel crowded.

Zanne, Robert and I wandered around and checked out the art. Galleries from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland showed all sorts of intriguing pieces from their collections, from drawings and paintings to sculptures and installations. There were also several areas where you could just hang out and have a glass of wine or champagne.

It was just what I needed.

Market Art Fair

Zanne and Robert taking a break with a glass of wine.

market art fair

The Shape of Space by Alyson Shotz.

market art fair

At the Stene Projects booth.

Market Art Fair

At the fair.

Market Art Fair

Classic statues from the academy hung out with contemporary paintings.

Market Art Fair

Checking out the art.

Market Art Fair

The champagne bar.


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