The cold hard facts of Swedish summer

June 25, 2015

in Stockholm

Stockholm A slice of the after dinner rainbow this evening. Click not he photo to see the image in full. All photos copyright Sandra Carpenter.


There’s been a LOT of talk about the weather in Stockholm lately. Basically, May went down as either: A) the coldest and wettest in 100 years or B) the coldest and wettest in 50 years, depending on what source you read. And June has not fared much better.

The warmest days we’ve had so far were 24 c and well, there were only two of those. It’s just not what I call summer weather.  And while I’ve made my peace with temperatures not being what I prefer, all this rain has meant that I have not gotten to enjoy the long hours of light as much as I would like. I live for the long hours of daylight this time of year.

We did our annual midsummer celebration at Nici and Roger’s home on the water last week. It was not only rainy, but cold too. So while we managed to stay outside in a tent for a good part of the day, we were all bundled up in warm coats and blankets.

On the balcony tonight, we were enjoying the gorgeous color of the light. Then it started raining. Again. Oh well. At least there was a full rainbow and it was a double, as you can see in the image at the top of the page.

So that brings me to Swedish summer. So far this year, warm weather has just been something I’ve longed for. But what I do love about even a not-so-summery summer in Stockholm: the fact that even though it’s raining right now, sailboats are still going by, that even though temperatures are cool, people are still picnicking and eating outside–but with warm clothing on and blankets, as you can see in these photos from midsummer.


Stockholm The light at midnight on midsummer.


Stockholm Toasting midsommar in spite of the chilly temps.


Stockholm Boat traffic outside my front window, 11 pm on a Monday.


Stockholm Big clouds on midsummer.


midsommar in Stockholm Cheers!


Stockholm Just after a rain shower, midsummer.


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1 James June 28, 2015 at 07:57

Oddly enough, one of the coldest days in my life was sitting in the audience for Allsång på Skansen. My Swedish friend couldn’t understand why I needed to go inside to warm up. Combination of temperature, wind and rain. Will be packing a thin pullover and raincoat for the forthcoming trip.

2 Sandra July 10, 2015 at 02:35

I understand James! And yes, be sure to pack your layers. It has been an odd summer.

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