That wondrous Scandinavian summer light

May 22, 2015

in Stockholm

Stockholm There have been rainbows almost every evening lately. Click on the photo to see it unobstructed. All photos copyright Sandra Carpenter.


Even after living in Sweden for a decade, I’m still filled with wonder by the long days of summer light. Sunshine wakes me up somewhere around 3.30 to 4 am these days. I go back to sleep, then wake up with a start, worried that since the sun is so very bright in my bedroom, I must be late for work. But it’s only 4.45 am.

So I put on my eye shades and am so happy that I can still sleep for a while longer before having to get up. But then I am checking the clock again very soon. It’s a little frustrating because I am definitely NOT getting enough sleep these days. But mostly, I am too excited to sleep any more. Like a kid at Christmas eager to check out the presents under the tree, the light beckons me to leave my bed and start the day.

By the way, the official sunrise time for today in Stockholm is 4am. But the sky is light much earlier than that, of course. It’s all rather glorious.


Stockholm Garden colony house in yellow.


Stockholm Riddarholmen.


Stockholm Pink clouds at sunset.

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