strandvagen from the jetty

Stockholm's Strandvägen as seen from a jetty on Nybroviken.

Stockholm still has the power to impress me. Even after almost eight years, I still look around and think, wow, what  a gorgeous city. Sunday was one of those made to admire days. The weather was moody – as it has been all the time lately – and alternated between gorgeously sunny and looking like it would rain. Robert and I  took a leisurely walk with Tanner, the dog we’re watching, along the Baltic. And we stopped a lot along the way to admire the views. And we drank a glass of white wine in the sun, too. Nice.

stockholm djurgården bridge

The Djurgårdsbron or Djurgården bridge was built for the Stockholm World's Fair 1897. The four granite columns feature Norse gods. This one is Odin's wife Frigg.

<djurgården bridge, nordiska museet

The Djurgården bridge with the Nordiska Museum behind it.

stromma boat

The Stromma boat

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1 Kezia June 12, 2012 at 14:45

Sandy, it’s nice that you were able to take a break from all that transition “stuff” and enjoy a simple moment (with a sweet dog!) and where you are. Stockholm is a beautiful place.

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