Summertime and the living is easy

July 26, 2015

in Cincinnati: my hometown

Cincinnati The Cincinnati skyline, as seen from Karen and Jay’s backyard with Theo the dog posing in the foreground.  Click on the photos to see them unobstructed. All photos copyright Sandra Carpenter.


Hot and sunny summer days. Big fluffy clouds that turn black and bring on thunder and lightening. Fireflies and the sound of lawnmowers.

Eating tomatoes and cucumbers right off the vine and getting fresh corn on the cob, green beans, peaches, blueberries and cherries from the farmer’s market.

Going to baseball games and doing the seventh inning stretch. Watching a polar bear cool off in the pool with a backstroke at the zoo. Having backyard BBQs and drinks outside with friends. Devouring raspberry chocolate chip ice cream and drinking gin & tonics, but not necessarily together.

Hanging out on the patio looking at the lake. Stopping at the neighborhood kids’ lemonade stands.

Sitting on car seats that stick to your legs and trying not to scratch my mosquito bites. Hating the air conditioned restaurants that freeze your fingers and toes in your warm weather clothes. I swear by by HVAC back home, I follow all the guidelines on to make sure my A/C doesn’t become my enemy, don’t people in restaurants know how to use theirs?

It’s summer at last. And that’s no thanks to you, Sweden. It’s all Cincinnati.

Reds baseball The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.


Cincinnati Findlay Market on a hot summer day.


Findlay Market Jalapeños for sale: $1 a box.


Cincinnati My niece Kate fending off the zoo alligator.



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