So long Cincinnati, hello Stockholm

January 16, 2014

in Cincinnati: my hometown,Living abroad

Cincinnati The Showboat Majestic on the Ohio River. I took the first two photos on sunny Sunday.


Cincinnati A riverboat paddlewheel sculpture along the river.


I’m leaving early this evening to return home to Stockholm and I have that oh-so-familiar heavy feeling. Put simply: It never gets any easier to leave friends and family behind.

My last full day in Cincinnati was a snowy, chilly and gray day. But my friend Beth and I took a long walk along the Ohio River. I got to admire the views and have a good chat and lunch with a long-time friend.

Then in the evening, I got to have a big family dinner with various relatives, including my parents, uncles, an aunt, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew.

So I got in a little sightseeing, and a lot of time with people I love. It makes it just a bit easier to leave.


Cincinnati Beth and I in the middle of a mirrored sculpture.


Cincinnati The purple people bridge.


Cincinnati The river is high thanks to all the snow.

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