Snowy days & other good things about being home

January 31, 2015

in Living in Sweden

Gamla Stan view The patterns on the ice were so pretty last weekend.


Snow, sleet. Snow, sleet. That’s been the weather today. It’s created large mushy puddles of sloppy snow that are hard to avoid. It’s not a day to year your good boots.

January and February are always tough months for me in Stockholm. Even though the days are getting longer, they are still short. And often just endlessly gray all day. While there’s been a lot of gray since I got back from the US, there’s also been a good amount of snow. That snow helps to brighten up the gray. And hey, it is pretty.

So while it may sound like I am whining just.a.little, I’m overall good. It’s been fun to be back home in Stockholm, seeing friends, getting back into routines and enjoying our apartment.

The photos here are from last weekend. The first two are from Södermalm, looking toward Gamla Stan. And the next one is on Södermalm. I love the gray light in all of them.


Gamla Stan Subway lines.


Södermalm The church yard at Maria Magdalena.

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