Signs of humor in Shanghai

November 23, 2009

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Wherever I travel, I love checking out the signs on shops, restaurants and highways. I have found so many good laughs, especially in places where English is used as a second language. Here are a few of my recent favorites from Shanghai and Beijing, complete with a few hard to resist comments:

Don’t follow too clowsely

Don’t dring and drive

Donkey Meat for sale. (Do people really eat donkey?  Never mind, don’t answer that given that I saw dog heads for sale in a street market.)

Baby on Road (This was on a car window sticker in Beijing. I could not decide whether it was a joke or a spelling error.)

Best restaurant and store names: Gotta Pick My Precious Love (I am not sure what is sold here, but the name is spectacular.)

Paris Lice (Yuck. Lice does not sound good for a clothing store, even when you place Paris in front of it.)

Happy Everyday Bar, Happy Station Restaurant (There were lots of happy places in Shanghai.)

Baby Move (clothing store).

Hot Taste Restaurant.

“Behavior and upper taste” on a billboard advertisement with all the rest of the writing in Chinese. I would like to think that I have behavior and upper taste.

Now, what are some of your favorite signs?

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