Old town Christmas market

December 9, 2013

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Stockholm The Stortorget Christmas market in Gamla Stan.


Stockholm Serving up waffles.


Waffle with berries and chocolate. My waffle with berries and chocolate.


I’ve gone a little Christmas market crazy in the last week and went to several of my favorites around Stockholm. I love a good Swedish julmarknad or Christmas market. They make me happy. And Robert has been a willing accomplice in coming along on my market spree.

Beyond getting a cup of glögg and a pepparkakor (mulled wine and gingerbread cookie), I don’t usually buy anything. I just like to absorb the holiday atmosphere and look around.

Stockholm markets typically have a lot of the same things: smoked reindeer, salmon, and hardbread, sheepskins from Gotland, handmade jewelry from Lapland, julmust (a root beer-like drink), lingon and cloudberry jams and assorted peppermint candies, ornaments and more. I like it that the julmarknad in Gamla Stan’s Stortorget, for instance, typically has the same vendors year after year.

All the photos here are from this old town julmarknad, by the way.


Stockholm Peppermints.


Stockholm The julmust booth.


Stockholm Sami bracelets and other handcrafts from Lapland.


Stockholm Real kisses are only available under real mistletoe.


Stockholm Making wreaths and mistletoe bouquets.


Stockholm The always popular glögg booth.



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