It’s cinnamon bun day in Sweden: Have you had one yet?

October 4, 2013

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Sweden Fresh from the bakery cinnamon buns.


In Sweden, today is kanelbullens dag or cinnamon bun day. Basically, it’s a conspiracy where all the bakers got together and decided hey, let’s make Swedish people eat even MORE cinnamon rolls than they already do and designate a day just for eating them.

What exactly is a kanelbulle, you ask? It’s a cinnamon bun made out of yeast, flour, butter and of course, cinnamon. By most accounts, it is the Swedish sweet of choice with fika (a coffee break). The cinnamon bun is not my favorite Swedish goodie, but I was happy to indulge in one today anyway.

If you are feeling like baking your own kanelbulle, here’s a recipe from And Your Living City did a taste test comparison if you are in Stockholm and want to know where to go.


1 Marina Carstens October 5, 2013 at 16:35

Wow! That is a massive cinnamon bun! Do they have frosting inside?

2 Sandra October 6, 2013 at 12:36

Hi Marina,
The cinnamon buns in the picture are about 2 inches (@5 cm) wide–perhaps they look move massive in the camera angle! And no, there is no frosting inside–just the cinnamon, yeast, etc. Thanks for the comment.

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