Farmer’s market finds

July 20, 2014

in Cincinnati: my hometown

Cincinnati market Buckets of zinnias.


Cincinnati market Bushel basket of corn.


Cincinnati Black seedless watermelon.


“I just picked these two hours ago,” said the woman at the produce stand about the bushel baskets of corn in front of her. As I could see the cornfield just behind her, I believed her. And then later that evening when I had an ear for dinner, I knew she was telling the truth–that corn was amazingly fresh and good.

The roadside stands are everywhere right now with signs advertising corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and peppers. And there are also watermelons, peaches, cantaloupe, blackberries and plums. I am so happy to be back in the Midwest to have all this freshly picked summer perfection.


farmer's market Pickles and peppers.


farmer's market Black and blue berries.


farmer's market The tomato table.


farmer's market Local green beans.


farmer's market Jalapenos.


farmer's market Eggplant basket.

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