Eating in Shanghai

November 20, 2009

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In the street markets, all sorts of ready-to-eat food can be found. Noodle dishes were everywhere.

I had some fantastic meals in Shanghai and – to my western way of thinking – some strange ones as well. In the soups, I often found chicken heads and feet as well as fish tales and heads. As long as I did not inadvertently crunch into one of these additions, I was OK with their presence. That said, when I did bite into one of the more unusual options, they did not stay in my mouth for long.

What I was not so OK with were the dog heads we saw in one of the markets, complete with teeth bared and fur still on. I could not stand to look at let alone imagine eating man’s best friend.

Steamy dumplings were a favorite snack and meal for me.What I absolutely loved where the dumplings, both savory and sweet. Xiao long bao or pork dumplings are a Shanghai specialty and you could find them in street markets and in more formal restaurants. Served up with fresh ginger, soy and vinegar, the ones at  Din Thai Fung were particularly tasty. I am getting hungry just thinking about them.

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It all sounds so awful.


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