Dinner at the pharmacy

June 28, 2013

in Lisbon,Portugal


The Pharmacia bar, complete with chemical equations.


The dining room at Pharmacia.

Much like Dublin, Lisbon was such a happy food surprise. We ate wonderful local fare at some very unique restaurants. In addition to eating at a fishing tackle shop, we also ate a pharmacy. Or more specifically, the Pharmacy Museum. Restaurante Pharmacia is in the Barrio Alto and serves Portuguese-style tapas with a wonderful view over the Atlantic.

The pharmacy theme is carried out in all sorts of clever ways, from chemistry-style bottles of salt and pepper to medical ice buckets attached to the table. There are chemical equations scrawled on the bar. Shots are served in beakers. The menu is an old prescription ledger. Even the wallpaper meets the theme with hospital motifs. And for the finale: the bill comes in a specimen bottle! (Yikes. But funny.)


Eggplant rolls with dates and goat cheese.


The chickpea salad with salted cod fish.


Mixing up lab experiments.


The friendly bartender poses in front of the medicine cabinets.

What did we have? Robert and I tried a chickpea sald with roasted cod fish, peppers and cheese. That was surprisingly good. Then there were eggplant rolls filled with dates and goat cheese. Also good. The sirlion pieces served with fried potato sticks were dee-lish. And what’s not to like about chocolate cake with cream and berries?

Since we ate there on the day that I broke my toe, I felt compelled to sample not only the local wine, but a cocktail, for medicinal reasons–of course. All the drinks had a medical theme and I had the “psycho stimulant”– a combination of the Portuguese fruit brandy Medronho and passion fruit. It was just what the doctor ordered to help me forget about the pain in my toe!


Water bottles.


The water and wine bucket.


The shots are served in test tubes.


The bill.


1 Lou Lou June 28, 2013 at 15:20

Gee whiz, I hope you bought some “psycho stimulant” back home as I trod on a bloody Swedish bee and now cannot walk due to infection! Bring it on! Loved the eggplant rolls! Mmmmmm

2 janerowena July 4, 2013 at 11:01

I would have loved that place. Recycling at its best.

3 Sandra July 26, 2013 at 13:26

Jane: It was really well done. I would definitely recommend going there if you are in Lisbon.

4 Sandra July 26, 2013 at 13:27

Psycho stimulant does sound ratgher irresistible, doesn’t it Lou Lou! Not sure how the import would go though…

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