Zanne and the julbocken or Christmas goat in one of the Royal Mews stable halls.


Outside at the market.


Christmas wreaths.

I’m a holiday geek. I love the decorations, the drinks, the food, the parties. It all just makes me happy. So I kicked the Christmas season off this weekend by pulling out just a few decorations, including my star and candles for the windows. And this afternoon, Zanne and I went to the julmarknad or Christmas market at the Royal Mews Hovstallet.

It was so cold today – the high was just -7 C – but the sun was shining, so it was good to be out. I’d never been to the market here, but I found out about it when I toured the Royal Mews a few weeks ago and thought it would be worth checking out. It was.

We sampled all sorts of Swedish goodies – lingonberry jam, smoked salmon, reindeer, ham and sausages, whiskey mustard, goat cheese, chocolates and peppermint bark. And we drank glögg too, which helped us to warm up for about a minute. In spite of the cold, we had fun.


The Sami design bracelet maker.


The sausage seller.


The blacksmith at work.

There were about 75 booths in total and in addition to the foods, there were Swedish handicrafts like Sami-designed bracelets, along with goats made out of wheat and iron candlesticks. With snow on the ground and the old-world setting in the middle of the stables, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon outing.


Traditional Christmas decorations.


Holiday hats.


Tomtens everywhere.


The entrance to the Hovstallet julmarknad.



1 janerowena December 4, 2012 at 11:09

I have a bit of a thing about Christmas markets, I love to see all the different crafts and all the food stalls from the rest of Europe and the rest of the UK. I’m surprised we don’t get scandinavian stalls, we get masses of german, italian, french, greek and spanish ones. However I did go to one this year where not only were all the decorations in the (indoor) market scandinavian, but there was also a huge julbock! Only not many people knew what it was. It needed a small explanation written next to it, I think.

2 Sandra December 5, 2012 at 13:00

Jane, I’m also a big fan of the markets. And good for you that you knew what the julbock was!

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