A Perfect day in Stockholm: boulevards, gardens and a Nobel building

October 21, 2012

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The path along Norr Mälarstrand.


Buying hot dogs on the path.

sodermam cliffs

Looking toward the cliffs of Södermalm from the path.

Just across the water from the last A Perfect Day in Stockholm is Norr Mälarstrand on the island of Kungsholmen. And following next to this boulevard along the water is a gorgeous walking path. In contrast to the urban/cobblestone/up on the cliffs and above it all feel of the Södermalm walk, this path feels just a bit more nature-oriented and genteel somehow. It ‘s a perfect Sunday stroll in my mind, but in truth you will find the path busy with runners, walkers, cyclists and strollers on any day of the week.


The turrets of Stadshuset.


From the inner courtyard.


And from another angle.

Along the path, you’ll find several restaurants, including MälarpaviljongenOrangeriet and Trattoria. There’s a distinctive look to the apartments along this street and they were apparently built in the functionalist style. Painted in shades of yellow, ocher and cream, the residences are stately. As you walk along the path toward the center of town, you come to Stadshuset or city hall. The building opened in 1923, but somehow has the feel of being much, much older. The waterside gardens of Stadshusparken outside the hall are worth having a wander around and on the weekends, you’ll more than likely encounter a bridal party or two posing for pictures there. If you have time, going inside Stadshuset is also good. This is the center of government for Stockholm, but the building is probably most famous for being the site of the Nobel Prize banquet every year on December 10th.


The formal gardens of Stadshusparken.


Along the wall around the park.


The fake tomb of duke of Sweden Birger Jarl.

I suppose it must be obvious that I am trying to cram in as much time as I can outside right now. As the days grow ever shorter, we have had a very wet autumn, so it hasn’t been easy. But we have had a handful of sunny days at least. And just now, Robert and I are living on Norr Mälarstrand, so these views are just outside our door. Nice huh?


The Queen of Lake Mälaren is in the Golden Hall inside Stadshuset.

Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson

This statue of Swedish hero Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson is in Stadshusparken, just outside of Stadshuset


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