Stockholm’s (almost) endless summer

September 8, 2013

in Living in Sweden,Stockholm

Sodermalm Beautiful blue skies and one of the charming garden colony houses on Sodermalm.


Stockholm Lovely sunshine.


Stockholm Hydrangeas in bloom at the garden colony.


This has been an unbelievably warm summer in Stockholm. It’s 24 degrees c (75f) today and that is pretty much unheard of at this time of year in this part of the world. A typical Stockholm summer has about two weeks of this kind of weather if we’re lucky. But this summer, we have had about two months of temps in the mid to low 20s, sometimes even higher.

It’s been amazing. Just when I think that it has cooled down for a few days and that summer is over, we get a weekend like this one. And I am doing everything I can to enjoy it.

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