Interpreting the menu

Many of the food choices are rather self evident– it’s not too difficult to figure out that a hamburger “with the lot” is a hamburger with everything on it, for instance. But what “the works” means is a bit different here than what it would be in the US or Sweden. Typically, “the lot “will include a fried egg and beetroot (beets) in addition to lettuce, tomato and onion.

A chicka roll is an egg roll type thing filled not with chicken but rather with veggies. A salad roll is actually a sandwich—it’s often a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato, not just vegetables as I assumed the first time I ordered one. Pies are not of the dessert/fruit variety, but rather filled with different meats and maybe a few veggies, much as they would be in the UK. The condiment that you might want to put on your pie or roll is tomato sauce, otherwise known as ketchup in my part of the world. And the Lammington is a biccie or what I would call a cookie made of coconut with a soft sponge cake like filling.

BYO means that you can bring your own bottle of wine in to the restaurant. While your server will charge you a small corking fee, you still will pay considerably less than you would in the restaurant itself. Meanwhile, where you buy your wine would be at a bottle shop, which is also where you can get beer and other types of alcohol.

Aussie speak

Dinky di is the same as fair dinkum which basically translates to the truth or something that’s for real or for certain.

When you order a beer, you have the choice between a schooner (a pint) or a midi. Ta means thank you. Tea means dinner. Agro means aggressive. Uni means university. A pom or a pommie is a Brit. Bloody in front of any word adds extra emphasis. Thus I am a bloody Yank as I am from the US.

S’truth is an expression of surprise at something that is the truth: is that true?

Taking things a bit further, you don’t want to tell an Aussie that you root for a certain sports team as they will wonder what you are up to as a root is what you do in bed.

True blue is what you are if you are a fair dinkum Aussie.