Stockholm street jam

April 28, 2013

in Stockholm


Södermalmstorg street musicians.


The drum line even had a conductor.

I came across this group of street musicians at Södermalmstorg recently. The beat of the drums bounced off the surrounding buildings and the bass pounded right down to my toes. As the musicians were having such a good time, I couldn’t resist stopping and listening for a while. And as I walked away, a couple of three-year-olds spontaneously ran up and started dancing. I kinda wanted to join in too.

On a more historical note, Södermalmstorg is one of the oldest squares in Stockholm. It’s on Södermalm, just outside the Slussen subway stop. In the 1600s, it was known as Malmtorget and at one point, was used as an execution square. One of Sweden’s most famous artists, Anders Zorn, had a studio on the square from 1930 to 1920.


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