Jin & Peeters dumplings

Jin & Peeters vegetarian dumplings are served up with dipping sauce, salad and rice.

If you are what you eat, then I’m in trouble. Because in the last week, I’ve had dumplings for lunch at three different places here in Stockholm. Given that I can’t even remember the last time I had a dumpling/pot sticker, I’m just going to look at this as one big carb craving thanks to the onset of fall.

jin & peeters menu

The unlikely but very tasty menu combination at Jin & Peeters.

First stop was at Jin & Petters Dumpling and Chicken Deli (www.jinandpeeters.se). Located on Kungsholms Strand on Kungsholmen, the deli has a nice view of the water but is just a bit of the way. On the menu are dumplings, rotisserie chicken and Belgian waffles. This unlikely combination is what happens when you combine Japanese chef Saikiko Jin with Belgian chef Bart Peeters. Fun! And the atmosphere is laid-back and cool.


Chicken dumplings at Potstickers.

The next dumpling lunch was at Potstickers Dumpling Bar on Regeringsgatan in Norrmalm. There, I had chicken and garlic dumplings with a chili and garlic dipping sauce. Potstickers has a modern/cool space. Here’s their site: potstickers.

teatro tantasia

Thai chicken dumpling noodle soup at Teatro Fantasia.

And my last dumpling lunch was at Teatro Fantasia dumplings and noodles on Tegnérgatan in Vasastan. My lunch there was the Thai chicken dumplings with chili, garlic and sweet basil with noodle soup. The look of this place is modern Sweden meets Asia. Check their site out here: Teatrofantasia.

Oh, and the restaurant reviews? I would go back to all three. Just probably not within the next week!

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1 Kezia September 26, 2011 at 00:52

Fun week! Asian food is a good comfort food. I work near Chinatown and eat dumplings often — a good budget NYC lunch (under $5 for food and drink).

Dumplings and Belgian Waffles? We get a lot of “cuisine blending” in uptown Manhattan. Many of our Chinese restaurants also serve Latin American food. I always wonder if they diversify to survive.

2 Sandra September 26, 2011 at 11:02

Dumplings are indeed good comfort food Kezia. All of the sudden, it seems that dumpling restaurants are popping up all over Stockholm.
As for the combining cuisines to survive, you are probably right about that.

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