Travel Tuesday: Staying in a tree house at the Arctic Circle

November 13, 2012

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tree hotel

The mirror cube tree house at the Treehotel. All photos © Robert Corkery.

tree hotel

The blue cube tree house is actually red.

Being in the Arctic Circle is cool enough on its own. But when you combine being there with staying in a tree house in the middle of the woods, well, you’ve got a pretty amazing trip.

We were at the Treehotel, which is located in Harads, Sweden, a tiny town at the Arctic Circle. The Treehotel has five unique tree houses set in the woods, between 6 and 40 feet up in the pines. The rooms, each designed by a different Swedish architect, are adult versions of childhood dreams. The Bird’s Nest is high up in the trees and accessed by a retractable ladder, the Blue Cone resembles a giant Lego block, and the Mirrorcube has reflective surfaces that make it blend into the landscape. Truly. When I first saw the cube, I had to look for a minute to find it – the mirrors reflect their surroundings so perfectly that it was hard to notice. Adding to the fun, you get into the Mirrorcube via a swinging bridge. See, I told you it was cool.

arctic circle

And this was the view from our tree house, the Cabin, at sunrise.

arctic circle

A forest of birch.

arctic circle

Starry night skies.

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