A Perfect Day in Stockholm: catching butterflies in Haga Park

November 4, 2012

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butterfly house stockholm

Hanging out in the rainforest of Stockholm's butterfly house.

butterfly house

A goldfish at the butterfly house.

butterfly house

Heading into the house.

On chilly, rainy days like we’ve been having lately, sometimes my vision of a perfect day is to escape to somewhere warm. You can do that in Haga Park. Fjärilshuset or the butterfly house has a tropical rainforest inside where the temperature never goes below 25 degrees celsius. There are large fish tanks, lizards, waterfalls, lush vegetation and of course, lots and lots of butterflies. We watched one butterfly hatch while one landed on Robert’s head. It’s steamy and peaceful and an easy place to spend the afternoon. Fjärilshuset is also a great place to have lunch – inside or out – and of course, to check out the butterflies.

If the weather is nice, HagaPark has a long list of other plusses on its side. It has a royal castle and a real-life princess Princess Victoria, first in line to the Swedish throne – lives there in Haga Slott. The park has gorgeous water views, beaches, well-kept hiking trails through the woods and plenty of picnic spots. In the winter, it’s a great place to sled ride, cross country ski and ice skate.

butterfly house

Some of the local talent.

butterfly house

Butterflies in the making.

butterfly house

A warning for predators.

Then there are the koppartälten or copper tents.  I love these buildings. Originally built in 1787 to house stables and barracks for the palace guards, today they house a cafe and park museum. It’s somehow so incongruous that these tents, which look like something that would be more at home in a desert,  sit in a park in Stockholm.

By the way, these photos were taken two weeks ago. All the leaves are pretty much off the trees now. And for a fun contrast, check out the tents surrounded by snow last winter. You can also see other options for a Perfect Day in Stockholm.

haga park

Picnicking in front of the copper tents.

copper tents

The doorway.

haga park

The last of the outdoor seats.

haga park

Haga Park.



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