Long blade skating in Stockholm

January 17, 2010

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Skaters heading for the on-ice hot dog stand.

Skaters heading for the on-ice hot dog stand.

Yesterday we went skating on long blades. Or should I more accurately say, we tried to go skating on long blades. I have wanted to try the long skates for years, so I was excited and rented blades for Robert and I for the weekend. The shop worker assured me that the blades were what I needed and also the right size. But when we got to the lake and tried to strap on the one-size-fits all blades that easily attach to your boots, they were too big for my feet. And while the blades fit on Robert’s boots, they were truly crappy and impossible to skate on as there was no ankle support.

Linnea and MB headingout onto the ice

Linnea and MB heading out onto the ice.

So while our friends skated, we instead took a walk on the ice. And it really was cool. We were on Brunnsviken and had met up with friends at Stallmästaregården. The city creates and grooms paths on many of the frozen lakes and at this spot there was a dock to sit on to get your skates on. And out on the ice there were hot dot stands set up so you could stop for something to eat, which Robert and I of course did.

After skating

After skating, Giorgio, Linnea, MB, Robert and Rich warm up with hot chocolate and glögg.

The atmosphere was festive and there were people BBQing at the picnic spots and both young and old were out on skates, cross country skis and sleds. A few were even riding mountain bikes across the frozen bay. Hundreds of people were enjoying the snow, even though the day was once again gray. We shared glögg and hot chocolate with friends and had a fantastic time even though we did not get to skate. Maybe next time…

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1 maria January 18, 2010 at 11:58

Looks like we’re missing the world’s fair! We dodged rain pellets all week. The snow seems like a warm welcome.

2 admin January 18, 2010 at 19:38

I agree. Snow is MUCH better than rain.

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